Project Life: Fourth of July at the Lake & A Linky Party

After our trip to the lake for the Fourth of July, I knew I wanted to put together a few Project Life spreads using the photos from our trip.  And I also knew that I wanted to switch things up a little and try out a different size.  The variety of page protectors this year just plain rocks.  I love all of the different photo sizes and photo orientation.  It keeps the "spice" of Project Life alive for me and re-energizes me to continue my album.

For this spread, I decided to use the October Afternoon Daily Flash 12x12 page protector with the 3x3 square pockets.  I really love the uniformity of square pockets.  It just looks so cohesive and clean!

I started by printing my photos (2- 3x3 photos per 4x6 sheet of photo paper), and trimming my journaling cards to 3x3 inches.  For these two spreads, I used a variety of cards from the Studio Calico Penny Arcade Project Life kit, as well as some extra embellishments and alphabet stickers.

I love playing around with the transparent element of the page protectors and decided to stitch my title "July" directly onto the outside of the pocket, as well as slip a few of the Kal Barteski transparent diamonds into pockets by themselves.  I may go back and stitch the diamonds into the place.  They surprisingly don't around much in the pockets, but who knows what will happen over the years.  I thought about stitching them into place, but they are just so pretty I didn't want to mess them up!

I continued the same design with my second page protector, keeping with the transparent diamonds and embellishments sewn in/on the pockets.

I typed my journaling directly onto my cards using my typewriter.  And again...I realized how awesome this project really is.  These simple memories and moments from our week are recorded and documented.  I love that the details are now saved!

So where are you in your Project Life album??  Since I'm approaching Project Life monthly, I don't really worry much about being caught up anymore!  I love the freedom of working on the album whenever and not trying to keep myself to some crazy requirement!!  Remember...anything is better than nothing!  If you are still on January, well....good for you, keep going!  If you are all caught up.....awesome!  

I'd love to see your most recent or favorite Project Life spreads!!  Link up your projects below and let's get this Project Life party started!!  


Glitz Design: Summer 2014

I love a good grid and this page came together so quickly and easily!  Check out the Glitz blog for a walk through of my process!!


Video: Paradise

Happy Monday everyone!!  I'm off gallivanting around Spain today taking photo after photo of this amazing place!  Hope you are doing something awesome today too!  :)

I've been in major travel documentation mode lately and have really enjoyed going back and revisiting some of the trips we took years ago.  I never got around to recording photos from our honeymoon, and what better way to record them than to create a two page layout with lots of photos!!

Today, I've got a little bit of paradise to share with you!!  My husband and I got married in St. John, USVI and we honeymooned there as well.  It literally is paradise.  Most of St. John is national park, so most of the island is undeveloped and breathtakingly beautiful!

I had originally recorded my process for Two Peas, but....you know... so now, I'm posting it here.  Hope you enjoy it!  And I'm really loving the two page layouts!!  Especially for multiple photos and vacation pages.  

You can see the process video here: 

It's paradise, right???

Ahh.....aren't you so ready for the beach??   I may not be in St. John, but I'm definitely enjoying the sand and sun in Spain!!  Wish you were here!!


Happy Birthday Maggie Holmes

Did you know today is the wonderful Maggie Holmes' birthday??  It sure is and her Design Team has created a fun surprise for her on her special day!!  

Each of her DT members put together a sweet little gift for Maggie and mailed it the old fashioned way!  I had so much fun putting my birthday surprise together for her and I hope she enjoyed opening it as much as I enjoyed making it!

I gave this quite a bit of thought and decided I wanted to some kind of "birthday in a box".  I created this birthday in a box for my daughter's fifth birthday, but it was kind of big and bulky.  I wanted something smaller and more delicate for Maggie!  Then I stumbled upon a pretty antique jar and knew it would be the perfect starting point for my "happy birthday jar"!  It was so cute, I almost had a hard time mailing it to Maggie!!

To decorate the jar, I made a few small tags and attached them to the jar using twine.  I also wrapped a small piece of ribbon around the lid to give it a little more feminine feel.

So are you wondering what's in this sweet little jar??

It's nothing too fancy, but it definitely screams happy birthday!!
In Maggie's jar, I included a few candles, nail polish, lip gloss and some pretty pens.  Since I was mailing this jar, I included lots of ruffled crepe paper and tulle to keep the items from tapping against the glass.

Isn't that a fun little surprise??

Happy birthday, Maggie!!  I hope you have a wonderful day full of cake and laughter!!  Oh...and be sure to stop by the rest of the Maggie Holmes' Design Team to see what they put together for her!!  You can click on their blogs below!  


You Are My Favorite

My personality is kind of funny.  Some days I crave order and white and cleanliness, and some days I really want to get messy.  This layout came after I created this page for Wilna's blog (which she shared yesterday).  Once I got started with my paints and gelatos, I just couldn't stop.  Like...I couldn't go to sleep because I had some many ideas in my head....  So I got up and made this page and the process was so freeing!  

Using paint and gelatos, or any art media really, opens up my creative inner self I think.  I get a little "rush" of excitement and find the ideas come easier.

For this page, I started by coloring gelatos down one side of my page to create a vertical band.  I then used some water to blend the colors and tone them down a little.  Finishing the page was so easy.  Wilna's cut files and a few cut files from Studio Calico kept my page bright and white, but added in some movement and texture.

The transparency diamonds from the Penny Arcade kit at Studio Calico were just made for layering over paints and gelatos!  I love how they look against the colors and paired with the cut files.

A little pop of gold and a sprinkle of embellishments finished off the page!!